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Part 1- University Connect

Firstly, promising footballers are connected to Universities across USA and Europe for a student athlete route. Aperio connects them directly with University coaches and helps them secure robust scholarships.

Part 2- College Application

Secondly, Aperio guides the players with complete counselling for college applications. The aim is to not just get the best scholarships but also acquire the most balanced academics and sports curriculum.

Aperio has a team of experienced councillors who help secure the most effective deals for student athletes.

Part 3- ID Camp

Aperio conducts ID camps in India for footballers who aspire to play university football in the United States as a student-athletes. At our camp, players get the chance to showcase their skills in front of coaches from the United States and Canada, who are always on the lookout for new talent. Scouting potential players and offering scholarships to promising athletes to work with them and create their personalized pathway towards university soccer.

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