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About aperio

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Aperio is a Latin word which means to discover, reveal, grow, unravel and showcase.

Aperio aims to help aspiring footballers and other athletes discover their true potential, reveal it to the world and then grow, by providing a direction and paving a path in India and other parts of the world.

At Aperio, we understand athletes have their own needs and their own unique pathway. Our focus is to help them find this direction and guide them in the correct manner.

Our objective is to provide new paths to athletes, each potential pathway leading to something extraordinary.

Register for a one of a kind scouting event

APerio ID Camp

This camp is a first-of-its kind and provides a platform for footballers to discover their next steps: universities in the United States or Canada, clubs in Europe, or opportunities in India.

Date: 27th to 30th June 2024
Location: Delhi NCR

In collaboration with Hindustan FC

  • 4 days residential event in Delhi NCR.

  • Training, assessment, and scouting by an international coach and scout.

  • Win a full scholarship to work with Aperio Sports and find the right university soccer program as a student-athlete.

  • Win scholarships from academeis in Europe

Experience a ground-breaking opportunity to secure a scholarship as a student-athlete at a university in the United States/Canada and academies in Europe without leaving India! 
This event brings an international coach and scout, Mr. Ajit Braich to India to scout for exceptional talent. Don't miss this unparalleled chance to showcase your abilities and advance your football career

Football is your passion, why can’t it be your career?



Professional Route

Aperio, in collaboration with football academies in Europe, offers a unique program designed to train and develop football players. The program aims to prepare players for success in professional football.

Player development is the key with a focus on individual player need and requirements


Student Athlete

Aperio is dedicated to supporting student-athletes by enhancing both their academic and athletic profiles, facilitating connections with the most suitable universities for their aspirations and seeking scholarships.

We host Football ID camps for players to showcase their talent directly in front of international coaches.

Our Collaborations

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Part 1- University Connect

Firstly, promising footballers are connected to Universities across USA and Europe for a student athlete route. Aperio connects them directly with University coaches and helps them secure robust scholarships.

Part 2- College Application

Secondly, Aperio guides the players with complete counselling for college applications. The aim is to not just get the best scholarships but also acquire the most balanced academics and sports curriculum.

Aperio has a team of experienced councillors who help secure the most effective deals for student athletes.

Part 3- ID Camp

Reach us to know about Aperian Student athletes. Aperio conducts ID camps in India for footballers who aspire to play university football in the United States as a student-athletes. At our camp, players get the chance to showcase their skills in front of coaches from the US, who are always on the lookout for new talent. Scouting potential players and offering scholarships to promising athletes to work with them and create their personalized pathway towards university soccer.

Follow us to know more about the ID camps and join us for an incredible opportunity to elevate your football career to the next level!

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